Martin Solem Norwegian Oil
Maria Bjørlykke Tea Tins
Kristine Bjaadal Siska Coffee Grinder

Klubben is proud to present On Time – an exhibition about time, situations and objects.

Time. Place. Space.
We divide the hours. The days. The weeks. The years.
Mark the time using numbers, letters and decimals. Mark anniversaries.
Without time, we are nothing, but time is also nothing;
Time is simply what we choose to fill it with, or not to fill it with.

The designers were each given a moment, a specific hour and minute, and were asked to design a product as an interpretation of this moment in time. The moments spread out through 24 hours and include both night and day time. We wished to provide inspiration for different settings or scenarios the designers could use as starting points for their work, and the result is the 17 brand new objects which are presented in the exhibition.

The designers featured are;

• Amy Hunting og Oscar Narud
• Erlend Bleken
• gunzler.polmar
• Hallgeir Homstvedt
• Ingrid Aspen
• Joachim Wallen Rasmussen
• Kristine Bjaadal
• Kristine Five Melvær
• Marianne Anderssen
• Marte Frøystad
• Maria Bjørlykke
• Martin Solem
• Marius Myking
• Petter Skogstad
• Runa Klock
• Siv Lier
• Sverre Uhnger

Klubben (Norwegian Designers Union) is an initiative for newly established Norwegian designers, started in 2011. As of today it consists of 25 talented members, with varied backgrounds within furniture and product design.

Klubbens main goal is to promote Norwegian design, both nationally and internationally. We wish to contribute to creating arenas where fresh designers can show their ideas and their work. We also hope to increase fellowship and cooperation between designers as well as other central operators within the industry. Working together can be a great strength and can provide increased motivation and enthusiasm. We are convinced that being surrounded by a strong network of professionals makes life as a newly established designer easier and more inspiring.

We truly appreciate being given this opportunity to show our work at DogA and during Paris Design Week, and we are extremely grateful for all the help we have received in our work with the present exhibition On Time. We are pleased to see the current extent of interest for Norwegian design and hope that this will continue to grow in the future!