ONA portable OLED lighting

ONA is a new OLED lighting based product that fits between a portable light and a table/floor lamp suitable for being placed wherever you want. The design draws inspiration from organic shapes found in nature that enables eye-conscious, organically shaped lighting. It is composed of two natural and eco-friendly materials, mould plywood and organic light without additional lighting structures. Thin layers of natural wood, fold and turn into a flat surface light source. This lightweight lamp can easily be moved and stacked.

This human-friendly movable lamp not only brings the high-quality light of OLEDs into our everyday lives but also provides natural and pleasant light which is soft and comfortable on the eyes. The fascinating properties of the organic light, allow us to create a commercially viable OLED lamp that provides general lighting as well as lighting for reading. ONA blends the natural soft OLED lighting with the organic ergonomic shapes of wood to ‘take care’ of the user and create a pleasant comfortable environment that bring them to take ‘a break’. At this way, ONA involves person’s emotions about using it and wants to cause a positive impact on their perception.

ONA portable OLED lighting, designed by IN-TENTA, is the winner of LG’s OLED LIGHTING International Design Competition conducted with designboom (Standard Panel Category).