We are an online design store led by a team of design scouts who look for cool and interesting British design. We pride outselves on finding the best of the best and as we word directly with designers we sell items at a discount for a limited period to site members.

There are a bunch of items that I think you’d like just now, so if you fancy taking a look you can sign in using the below details. I’d check out Tamasyn Gambell (http://www.bamarang.co.uk/tamasyn-gambell/), Barry Goodman (http://www.bamarang.co.uk/barry-goodman/) and Tobyboo if I were you (http://www.bamarang.co.uk/tobyboo/).

Temporary log in details: blogger@bamarang.co.uk Password: welovedesign

If you like what Bamarang is all about I’d love for you to write an introductory post about us.
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