Inspired by chocolate, this irresistible collection of ceramic tiles is a minimalist and conceptual project
ONZA (ounce)
(From lat. uncia)

a. A unit of weight in the US Customary System, an avoirdupois unit equal to 437.5 grains (28.5 grams).
b. Each of the parts or equal squares into which the chocolate bar is divided.
c. New collection of ceramic tiles created by MUT Design for Harmony, the Spanish group Peronda’s most irresistible line

MUT Design surprises again the ceramic sector with an absolutely irresistible collection. Because the latest design by the Valencian study smells like chocolate. After that first collaboration that gave birth to the mythical collection named Scales, MUT Design and Harmony by Peronda Group come together again to present Onza, MUT’s most tempting work.

Inspired by chocolate bars, in its texture, production process and how these melt down with heat, MUT Design’s new collection for Harmony wants to be the most minimalist, conceptual and masculine design devised by the studio up to now.

Onza is composed by just three ceramic pieces with invisible joints, allowing infinite compositions when assembled thanks to their modularity. It is possible either combining repeatedly one of the pieces or playing with the three options. Each and every one of MUT Design’s ceramic tiles misses a tiny bit so when they get together, both pieces fuse one into another shaping a wholly new and unique element.

Developed through careful and rigorous innovative methods, Onza is an ample and versatile collection, suitable for any space. It comes in three different colors: Grey, Terracotta and White Ceramic to evoke different sensations.

Design by Alberto Sánchez _ MUT Design / Manufacturer Peronda