"Oo" by Sverre Uhnger
adjusting height and angle
adjusting height and angle
adjusting height and angle
detail shade
detail stem
detail switch
"Oo" in use
"The State of Things" at gallery ™51
"The State of Things" at gallery ™51

The state of things: wooden spheres transformed into a desk lamp

About the product:
Oslo based designer Sverre Uhnger has developed “Oo” for the exhibition “The State of Things” shown at the art gallery ™51 in Oslo this fall.

“Oo” is a desk lamp in solid ash wood. The arm moves freely through the stem, which makes it possible to adjust the shade to the wanted height and angle. The lamp has a visible cord mounted with a custom switch and a standard E14 socket.

About the design process:
 “The starting point for this design was my fascination with lathed wooden balls; -how the same shape in different sizes relate to each other. High quality wood products has a tactility that makes them humane and easy to relate too.”
“By choosing wood as material I had the opportunity to create a desk lamp with character and warmth. Throughout the design process I have focused on using the material in a sensible way. Every element is reduced to a minimum to make the lamp intuitive in use. Imagine the base and the shade as parts of wooden spheres; -the part that is “cut off” from the shade is used in the base, only with a bigger diameter. The name “Oo” comes from these two spheres, a small and a big circle. The lamp can be used with any light bulb that has a standard E14 socket; everything from modern LED bulbs to old fashioned incandescent bulbs”

“Being able to work with the highly regarded and award winning wood turner Johannes Rieber made it possible to achieve very high quality woodwork with unique detailing.”

About me:
29 year old Oslo based furniture designer, also a trained cabinet maker.

www.sverreuhnger.com (personal portfolio)
www.rieber.org/wood/ (Johannes Rieber`s website)
www.k-l-u-b-b-e-n.no/tt/ (online exhibition “Tingenes Tilstand” / “The State of Things”)