Good morning,
i’m laura, press office of Zero (www.zero.eu).
in february we started a big project by Triennale di Milano which names Open.
Open is a lab to test and develope mobile app, made with the
collaboration of Vodafone group.
Open is 60 events divided into 7 tematics areas in order to develope
how technology has changed our way to share food, design, art, music
and sport.
At march the 1st we will start with design form: the relationship
between design and technology lives on innovation.
The impulses of this process crosses web connection. Places,
applications and device are the system’s elements

where designer are actors able to create services and visions. Open
design will face how drawing tecnology and testing applications like
devices to promote the own work or rewrite methods and ideational
paths. We will tell about experiences and services to read again the
technological contribution like identity element of a design project.

We will meet designers, curators, application plannes and we will ask
them the questions to all updating that their professions record daily
to tune in with all the instruments setted from new technoligies. We
will test the results and social implications. It will be an
interesting history to meet design from an organic and updated point
of vieuw, told from some of its new protagonists.

Enclosed press release,
all info by visiting www.zero.eu