Night light view
night context
Night window composition
night angled view
White facade
Black facade
White facade
Black facade
Sky view black
Sky view white

Johnny Wong and Miho Hirabayasi have designed a building that changes its colour from black to white dependant on how it is viewed from different standpoints within the localised site area.

The program was to develop an iconic retail and commercial boutique development, restoring an existing 5 storey Tong Lau building in the centre of Hong Kong’s financial district.
FAK3 created an innovative facade or smart skin exploring the idea of ‘transformative surfaces’, which changes its visual appearance through optical structures.

Located next to one of Hong Kong’s landmarks and the longest outdoor escalator in the world. The building is positioned at an interesting intersection of movements, flows and overlapping paths allowing an opportunity to create a visual interplay with the building façade.
An innovative cladding system developed by FAK3 uses customised vertical fins, which allows the visual surface to be transformative.

Window openings where carefully considered to react to the context providing larger openings on the lower floors give more visual views into the interiors spaces at street level and the elevated escalator. Bevelled frames around the window openings provide a more articulated junction to the fins as well as housing LED lighting which highlights the window configuration pattern during the night.