A series of kinetic organs inspired by the future possibilities of make your own organs. Through synthetic biology advances what will be like when we experiment growing and amalgamating animal or insect organs into the human body?

What if…we’re engineered to transmit information without words? What if…in the process of evolution humans inherit a spider gene? What if…we develop defensive organs from animal genes? What if…we create a third sexual organ would be divided into three sexes?

The collections of organs are developed through the studio continued research of natural organisms, brining objects to life through sensory experience and explorations. Combining fruit casting and the use of cutting edge smart materials.

Materials: latex, resin, ferrofluid, hydrogel, finger cots, plastic, glass, fexinol, silicon, food colouring, neodymium, nitinol, clay, copper, synthetic threads, deer hair, ecig cartridge refills.

Sponsored by Monsieur Dorian.


Trinity Organ