When folded, the map is the size of a business card.
A pull on the corner causes it to simultaneously unfold along both axes.
The map illustration was hand-drawn on 30 large-format sheets of paper, and then digitally reduced 20x to fit on the map sheet.

The map was inspired by a passage in Walter Benjamin’s “Arcades Project” where he describes a 19th century map of Paris known as the Plan Taride, which unlike the flimsy paper maps of the day, was a miniature fully-bound book.

I used an extremely durable (and waterproof) material called Tyvek for the map construction, and then printed the illustration onto it using a lithographic technique.

The origami folding technique used for the map allows it to be fully unfolded in one smooth motion, and it can be refolded the same way. It’s impossible to misfold, since each crease has a “memory” of the correct orientation.

NOTE about the prior publishing question: I will probably submit this to other media outlets later on, but as of right now it hasn’t been published anywhere.