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Origen Lamp, concrete for the shade, oak for the cone and Plexiglas for the diffuser.

Origen is a lamp that was born inspired by the shape of a cone. The idea was to create a lamp that wouldn’t need any element for its assembly. The shape of the cone allows all the elements to be mounted in an easy and simple way.

The idea is to have different shades and cones, being able to combine them creating different lamps.

The lamp shown is made of concrete for the shade, oak for the cone and Plexiglas Satinice for the diffuser.

Origen Lamp from above. The diffusor allows a nice and even illumination. The cord goes down, the knot support the lamp and finally it goes back into the shade to connect the LEDs.

Origen Lamp composition.


Main components: the cord, the cone, the diffusor and the shade.

Origen Lamp and some sketches of the design process.

Some sketches from the design process

Testing the lamp in the workshop.

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