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Otaku Bathtub by Tal Engel

Otaku is a bathtub which is much inspired by traditional asian boat building techniques. It is made of a pressed woven veneer sheet and a steel frame. The pressed surface is coated with a polymeric material which allows water resistance and structural strength to carry heavy weights.

This project emphasizes on a unique relation between sailing and bathing – as states of mind, and between the boat and the bathtub as functional entities. This concept formulates an almost paradoxical analogy, from-which the ‘inside-out’ theory had emerged; the concept of washing in a bathtub is completely the opposite from the concept of floating in a boat – the inside becomes the outside. Hence, the ‘outside’ of the boat became the ‘inside’ of the bath. Based on this notion and by using a language of craft and industry, Otaku’s design attempts to draw a portrait of a special relationship between our body and water.





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