Dear representatives of the press,
i’am Eric Software Developer of the BusyBytes Team(Made in Germany) and i wan’t to introduce you in our new App witch we created in 5 months. Maybe you like it so much, that you would love to review it.
The app is called:
Over There: http://itunes.apple.com/app/over-there/id512179902?mt=8
You don’t need a promo code because ‘Over There’ is free for a limited time at the moment.
The Presskit is available at:http://busy-bytes.com/overthere/OverThere-Presskit.zip
Over There offers you a new way of sharing your location with every mobile phone in the world. You don’t even need an internet connection. It only requires a GPS signal and cellular coverage.
You can use Over There wherever you like to share your Location via SMS and a tiny URL. You can send this link to Android, Windows Phone and even old Nokia SmartPhones.
But how does it work? 
We use a smart algorithm that allows us to convert your location to a really small link like “www.ovt.re/UlMVQgtg_0wg”. 
This link can be sent as a text message to any mobile phone around the globe. The algorithms are designed to completely run offline and the link uses a space of only 23 characters. Thus, this leaves enough space to add some additional text, like holiday greetings for example.
If you like the idea and the design of the app, we would love to hearing from you. When you need further information please don’t hesitate.
We’re looking forward to your reply! Thank you and best regards

BusyBytes Team