OVO SPA washbasin
OVO SPA island with random sizes of washbasins
OVO SPA island
OVO SPA bathtub
OVO SPA bathtub and washbsins' pillars
OVO SPA self standing pillars
OVO SPA pillars for washbasins - multiplicity of options
OVO SPA double shower
OVO SPA scketches

OVO SPA product family range offering a tempting array of choices and freedom in design while realizing own creativity in bathroom.
Finely-honed shape and extra-velvety mat finish – the elegant, sculptural, aesthetic objects to match modern life. The black and white surfaces of the collection have a privilege to match all colours of surrounding interior.
OVO SPA is a complete bathroom collection with a variety of models in each segment: washbasin, hand rinse basin, shower trays and baths.
Extensive selection of objects is a perfect complement to the range, which is compatible with a large selection of modern taps and accessories. The multiplicity of options offers a fascinating array of new ideas. Many things are possible, everything is combinable.
OVO SPA collection was created in cooperation with Johan Kauppi, designer from WeThink (Sweden) and Eumar wasbasinfactory (estonia). All products of the collection implemented by using mould-casting technique of CreaCore™, new Solid Surface composite material – the innovative material which gives excellent opportunities for creating dearest design ideas.
OVO SPA collection was premiered by Eumar at Saloni Del Mobile 2012 in Milano.