Desktop organizer in two different sizes that blends its development and elaboration new technologies with traditional techniques. To prepare the volume has been used 3D machining (CNC router), and the final decoration of its surfaces is handmade decorated with Pasto varnish (Barniz de Pasto) craftwork, traditional technique of southern Colombia. By applying varnish planes (from varnish-resin layers) in different green tones it manages to recreate the typical landscape of the region of Nariño, whose capital is San Juan de Pasto, known in spanish as “Tapiz de Retazos” (Remnant quilt or tapestry). An innovative object that blends advanced manufacturing technology and a craft technique, evoking a benchmark nariñense rural landscape, self produced and made available on request.


Ox set

Ox set detail

Ox set landscape

Ox set landscape detail

Ox set over desk

Ox Barniz de Pasto decorating