Entrance and Reception

The pace power plate center is the latest project of POS1T1ON. The new project is the Hungarian Headquarters of the POWERPLATE brand. Appart from the commercial activity they provide technology trainings and furthermore private fitness trainings.

Our vision was to create an interior which is inspirated by the simlicity of this innovative traning system. The whole traning lasts only 30 minutes which helps to lose fat and gain muscles more intensively. This very fast method motivated us to design a brand and interior that shows the future’s fit lifestyle. The white, smooth and glossy surfaces make the whole interior look clean and classy. We had to take into consideration, that the customers will be both men and women. The black geometrick stripes on the floor and the stairs give a little masculine look while the the purple lights make look more feminine. A mobile branded wall was designed to divide the fitness area from the entrance and the reception. The main caracteristic of the interior is the reception desk and the stairs.