Wall Studio Ltd (WALL) is glad to present a design project collaborated with local coffeehouse chain
Pacific Coffee Company (PCC) in developing a revolutionary coffeehouse located in the heart of vibrant
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Instead of designing a typical flagship store, WALL has created an art marketlike
“Coffee Community” bringing together the enjoyment and sharing of coffee culture. “We believe this
flagship represents ‘The coffeehouse of today’ in Hong Kong,” said Wilson Lee, Director of WALL. “It’s
happy to witness the coffee culture is establishing in Hong Kong. Coffeehouse nowadays is more than just
a place to enjoy a cup of coffee, but also serves as a cultural hub for coffee experts and lovers to gather,
to exchange ideas, to learn and to experience this coffee culture.”

Situated on the corner of Kingston Street, Causeway Bay, the Pacific Coffee Flagship Store offers unique
interior design across different zones with different seating and atmosphere for each activity space which
includes a barista shop, coffee bar, gallery, event space, and coffee roasting corner. Facing the city center
of Hong Kong Island, Victoria Park, the 59 meters long shopfront creates an enchanting street scenery
features different gateways to open up the space creating a communication between outside and inside.
“We called it a Coffee Community” said Alex Siu, Director of WALL. “It’s all about the unique experience
and interaction when you visit a coffeehouse. You pick a seat to serve your need, and you start to interact
with what’s happening around you. The flagship has rich contents for people to experience. This is a
dedicated coffee journey just like when you are visiting an exhibition and art market.”