This project is intended as a metaphor for the artificial modification processes of the human body as a form of beauty enhancement. Both in modern society then in the past, it often happens that people change their own aesthetic characteristics to be socially valued and ideally seen as more beautiful than they were before.

One of the most striking and ancient demonstration of these practices takes place in the Burmese Padaung tribe. Women belonging to this tribe (also known as giraffe women) forcedly extend their own neck using shiny bronze rings of different diameters. The more their neck is stretched and slim, the more fascinating are considered, as well as worthy of being married. These severe decorations express the Padaung women’s own concept of beauty and social ranking.

The Padaung vase focuses on the same concept. The entire volume is made of silicone, lesser thick in the neck, to make it more flexible. For each added ring, the shape of the vase changes, making it more slender and gorgeous.