MOCO LOCO Submissions



Joint plate by Ching Ke Lin

Ovenecka Apartment Reconstruction by SMLXL

Milk. Black. Lemon. tea house by Ryusuke Nanki

A piece of marble by Yuchen Wu

Copper sun collection by Anastassiya Leonova

#3000 Mirror by Josh Metersky & Aiden Bowman

Prairie house by _naturehumaine architecture et design

Disguise vases by Hokuto Ando & Toshiya Hayashi

Borochair by Giorgi Zagareli

#Untitled serie by Alexandra Devaux

WEMO wearable memos by Yuhei Imai

The Warp Chair by Charles Wan

Domesticated Architecture Collection by Xenia Dikalo & Eduard Mondejar

clear b_Glass incense burner by Craft Combine

Vumana HOX1 chair by Juan Carlos Reynoso

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