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Working with angles and contrasts, the Rook chair conveys a sense of risk and play.

Rook Rocker by Michael Regan

A “ground up” reconsideration of the Windsor style rocker, the Rook chair is a small yet striking piece of furniture. With thin rockers, careful…


Dear M by Romain Voulet

Assembled by hand with an elementary technique Dear M makes reference to Enzo Mari’s “Autoprogettazione” furniture. It all started as I was refurbishing our…

Forest of Light

Forest of Light by Vezzini & Chen

The underwater world inspires a forest of light London design-duo, Vezzini & Chen, present a new collection of lighting at this year’s Future Heritage…


Euclid by Siba Sahabi

Siba Sahabi designed three side tables named after the Greek mathematician Euclid of Alexandria—also known as the Father of Geometry. In 300 B.C., Euclid…

Spidy chair

Spidy by Mario Alessiani

This chair has been shaped as a consequence of its manufacturing process. We decided to design a chair made with metal tubes though an…

clutch bag made from copper and English leather

RaGeni 11:11 by Negar Kazemian

The story of combining jewelry and clutch bag in a luxury way made “RaGeni 11:11”. More over it hasn’t been created to solve luxury…

Two versions of DO OH : 4L and 8L

Do-Oh by Joonghochoi Designer

Onggi jar used for fermentation are products of wisdom of the Koreans long ago. The jars presented at this exhibition are the result of…

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