MOCO LOCO Submissions



SHI•RO mobile game by Jasper Meiners and Isabel Paehr

Effetto moiré clock by Fabio Verdelli Design Studio

Shanghai Baoye Center by LYCS Architecture

Alba lamp by Jonathan Oria and Enrique Rubio

Jack | Lamp Family by André Teoman

Llegado stool by Taeg Nishimoto

Nolos side table by MCVR Architects

Pressure Bench and Pressure Stool by Tim Teven

Trito Pot by Sergio Portillo

Knnox lighter by Knnox

Teumsae vase series by Hyunhee Hwang

Montelouro stand by Rafael Fernández

Family House Jarovce by Compass architekti

A3 Retail Group Office Design by Rosie Lee

Moka & More by Sovrappensiero Design Studio

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