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Three-dimensional formative beauty


I would like to introduce the new design studio más which designs and produces product and furniture. Word “más” means “plus”. We are inspired…

Crane Desk Lamp

Crane Lamp by Matthew Gilbert

The Crane Lamp—a playful, movable light by London-based design studio Animaro. The lamp changes dramatically in height and shape, with a form inspired by…

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Ryijy tiles by Laura Itkonen

Handmade wall tiles. Every piece of tile is handmade from start to finish in Finland. The Ryijy complex consists of five different models. The…


Lloyd light by Nieuwe Heren

The LLOYD hanging lamp is a product for those seeking a contemporary piece for their home interior. Made from leather, the hanging lamps deliver…


Tres collection by Jung Soo Park

Tres is a collection of three 3D printed objects: bottle opener, candle holder, and shoehorn. All three objects are designed with both aesthetics and…

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