MOCO LOCO Submissions



A Apartment by Fedor Katcuba

Sister chair by Tom Hancocks

Safety Luggage Collection by Studio Mango

Candle lanterns by Donatas Žukauskas

Gypsum Seating by Voukenas Petrides

Travelling Coat Rack by Rainville-Sangaré

Red Red Stews pop up restaurant by Counterfeit Studio X Yinka Ilori

Ville-Marie Apartment by _naturehumaine architects

Enigma watch by Alessandro Marzio / Eugenio Barra

Pipe Line benches and bike racks by Lou Corio Randall

Serie Crogioli tables by Alessandro Di Prisco

iu mirror by Gae Avitabile

Interior Design for Law-firm Hyazinth by Michael Sans

Collection Vestige containers by Baptiste Sévin and Jaïna Ennequin

Guajiro furniture collection by Carilyn de la Vega and Carlos Pérez

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