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Constant Cabinet  2 Mediterraneo

Constant Cabinet by Vanesa Moreno

Simplicity and colorful combine to create this series of cabinets that embellish any space. With its purist design that emanates honesty and without secrets,…

from whole to broken

Qumran Vases by Aya Zehavi

Qumran- a series of Porcelain Vases From the dawn of time when mankind began to create tools and art, ceramics hold within itself the…


Cirrina chair by Sergey Lvov

CIRRINA is a dining chair for a public space segment. We have been creating a comprehensive image of the main character, which meets people…


Phellem Low Table by alcarol

Phellem is the outermost layer of the tree bark, similar in many ways to our own skin ad this collection treatise on its incredibly…


MITO Light by Tom Fereday

The Mito lighting series was designed to celebrate the natural beauty and character of raw materials. Minimal in design, Mito juxtaposes precision manufacturing techniques…

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