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Paperclips Collection by Efil Türk

Efil Türk, designed the Paperclips Collection inspired by traditional motifs. The figures of ‘eli belinde’, ‘koç boynuzu’ and ‘akrep’ in Turkish kilim motifs are…


Nuclei light by Taeg Nishimoto

NUCLEI is a wall hanging lamp that brings the visual associations of unseen yet familiar world into a space through optical texture with colored…


Flamingo light by Mario Alessiani

Mario Alessiani Studio believes in material and process, we always try to use design as a tool to emphasize material charateristics, interaction or technology…

marguerite v1

Marguerite by Karine & Aron

Karine and Aron from Kaarondesign undertook two years collaboration with Benjamin Mendes companions upholsterer around an old technique, little used today in this business,…

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