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Dzbanek Jug by Martyna Konopka

Because of a tendency to overlook problems associated with age and/or inabilities, it is important to look past our fears and start addressing real…

Stacked Bowls

21g by Seungbin Yang

Ott-chil is a type of Korean lacquer technique that is done by adding the secretions of the “Ott” tree, released as a protective response…


Cipcip by Luca Binaglia

The terracotta pitcher, of everyday use in the past, changes its style, but it’s still in terracotta. It shows a new linear and attractive…

Hocker Heinrich

Concrete stool by Hocker Heinrich

The precise and elegant form of Hocker Heinrich’s delicate concrete body is captivating. Smooth outer surfaces stand in complimentary tension to the faceted interior…

poltrada is an armchair whose structure was upholstered using innovative 3d knitted fabrics and laser cut leather. The results is an armchair with an incorporated blanket that gives a warm hug to user and a distinctive look to the chair itself.

memobilia by caravan collective

Caravan participates to the Call Over35 of the 21 Triennale International Exhibition with a project called Memobilia. Memobilia links crafted unfinished classical furniture and…

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