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Eagle collection by Woodlabo

This collection, consisting of five lights, was inspired by the « Eagle » lunar module which took the first men to the Moon in…


Stapler Tray by Gerdesmeyer & Krohn

Our paper tray STAPLER generates order on your desk. The well-shaped, two-piece tray made out of folded steel combines functionality and aesthetics. Stack as…


3/30 hair salon design by Nendo

A design collection proposal as part of a corporate branding plan for Takara Belmont, a Japanese company that specializes in the manufacturing and sales…

Ceremony Collection - The Charm

Ceremony Collection by Paul Couture

Ceremony is a collection of three products and furnitures that glorify our daily habits, making them solemn and humorous. The ordinary gesture is celebrated…

precision made from solid brass

Mast Candleholder by Feltmark

Atmospheric and quietly monumental, Mast is an understanding of tradition and industrial craftsmanship. Mathematically calculated, precise geometry is imbued with the human hand that…

Lance Work Stool

Lance Work Stool by Loeserbettels

Lance supports the option to work while standing. A 20° pivotable and sprung seat creates an active and dynamic sensation. The stool is inspired…



The main goal of the project is to draw in the public. The space is limited, whole shop is 40 square meters in total….

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