Art Opening- Acrylic on Canvas- An artist's opening night across the street from the studio where I was working.
Waiting- Acrylic and Chalk on Canvas-  Tension, waiting for someone.
Hang- Acrylic and Chalk on Canvas- Dancing with your hand in front of you.  Self protection.
Hot Garden-  Acrylic and Chalk on Canvas-  After a week of high humidity and 90+ temperatures, I was able to go out in the garden at night and paint.  The plants were hot and uncomfortable, but still beautiful.
Interruption-  Acrylic on unstretched canvas-  Meeting someone in the forest.
Morning-  Acrylic and Chalk on Canvas-
Rainy Garden-  Acrylic and Chalk on Canvas
Self Portrait- Acrylic on Canvas
Spring Storm-  Acrylic and Chalk over discarded Abstract-  The moment of a storm coming in-April in Grand Rapids.
Sunset Garden-  Acrylic and Chalk on Canvas-  Inside the garden right when the sun is setting.

My abstract work represents the atmosphere I live in. Each painting is inspired by the environment (light, emotion, texture, forms) around me- I convey my observations through the use of structural lines and loose splashy shapes and colors. By ignoring the most obvious figurative forms and focusing on overall composition I capture moments of light, weather, emotion, and circumstance. Often my last move on a painting is the boldest and most risky- giving the final piece the immediacy and freshness of a beautiful accident.

Shows this year-

“Melodia” Coconut Room in Lowell, MI February 15th, 2013

“Triple H- Adventures in Abstraction and Immediacy” L-Loft in Grand Rapids, MI April 12th, 2013

“Atmospheres” Willow Ranch Gallery in South Haven, MI June 14th, 2013

Thanks for your consideration! This would be my first online publishing- I would be thrilled to be featured among your artists and designers.

-Andrew Hawks