The title of our chair is Panorama Chair. Before designing the chair, we started the project setting up two people as “the adult me and the child me.” The background of this idea was from considering on life of modern people.

These days, it is not hard to hear from media that contemporary people are living with diseased feelings such as loneliness, dejection and futility. In the middle of such painful social flow, we could discover grown-ups pursuing emotional stability and relieve of stress via ‘kidult culture.’ Kidult culture is a culture based on a mentality of adults’ desire to escape from tough reality through childish experience. From this case, it was verifiable that modern society is lacking in innocence of childhood.

Bertrand Vergely, a French philosopher, mentioned “against deepening heaviness in life, pursue harmony and balance of life through lightness” in his book ‘Petite philosophie grave et legere’. Modern people are living with immoderate unbalance on heaviness. Therefore, we tried to make an objet, which offers an opportunity of contemplating the balance of life through lightness of childish innocence.

Working Process:
About our work, we tried to minimize decorative elements and concentrated on the most basic form of chair. In order to emphasize the heaviness of reality, we made the very first chair bigger (width, 600mm X length, 600mm X height, 1200mm) than standard size. And for emphasizing purity and lightness, smallest chair’s back two legs are made out of transparent acrylic rods. Except for the biggest chair, other four do not have seats. Through chairs which are incapable of seating, we wanted to symbolically express past time. The biggest chair has seat but no back two legs. It can only stand stably when it is perched on the chair just behind. This is for delivering message about the balance of life indirectly.

We hope people look back their younger selves and absorb in contemplation about heaviness and lightness through our work. Panorama Chair would not provide perfect answer. Nevertheless, in modern people’s life of consecutive heaviness, we wish our work could lighten the weight even if it is a little.

Panorama Chair
walnut, acrylic rod
width, 600mm X length 2400mm X height, 1200mm (full spread dimension)