When I was in Iceland, I saw the contours of the mountains wherever I go. In this vast nature, I saw mountains chiseled by millions of years of wind and rain.

And looking at the mountains, I realized that the notion of ‘time’ can be perceived not only through the hands of clock or the changing dates on the calendar but also through an object that changes shape. A rusty object or a candle melting down, for instance, are the other forms showing the time in a state of flux.

I realized that the soap in my restroom I use everyday is also an object that I can perceive time. A soap slightly keeps changing its shape when I wash my hands or take a shower with it. We are able to experience the time flowing through our everyday movements and objects.

I used the microwave to change the shape of a soap from a mass-produced and standardized form to a natural form. In addition, I designed an aesthetic stage that matches this special soap. This soap object contains the practical/original purpose of washing, and is a meditation object which tells us the flow of time by re-shaping in everyday use in parallel.





Front (Close up)

Left (Close up)

Right (Close up)

First Touch

Grab & Break

Hand Washing