‘Can plastic be used as a sculptural medium? How can plastic be elevated as a material?’ British designer Richard Lowry explores these questions in his new Paper Plastic table designs.

Lowry presented his new works at the Future Heritage exhibition, curated by Corinne Julius, at this year’s London Design Festival.

Lowry’s work is led by his experimental approach to materials and processes. The Paper Plastic tables are made from 300gsm watercolour paper, infused with a rapid setting plastic. Made by hand in Lowry’s London studio, each table is unique as the plastic captures the paper’s form differently as it sets each time.

“The pieces are designed to be functional as well as sculptural; the works are strong enough to sit on. My work looks at the interaction between the material and the designer. I like to explore the space between the material dictating its own form and me, as the creator, guiding it. These pieces use a plastic that sets rapidly and needs to be worked between its solid and liquid state. This gives a very small window (less than 1 minute) to manipulate the forms before they set.” Richard Lowry









Paper Plastic Tables, pair - by Richard Lowry for Lowry London