We would like to introduce you a new design product called paq chair created by a very talented young Hungarian designer. Now we are introducing paq chair in other countries as well therefore we would be pleased if you could find this product interesting enough to include it as ’design news’ on your portal.

Paq chair had a great debute in april in Hungary (several articles were written about it not only here but from the US to Taiwan e.g.: on Industrial Design: http://www.industrialdesignserved.com/gallery/paq-chair-bed/2045395), it is a unique furniture and as the world’s simplest armchair has been awarded at the 2011 Belgrade Mikser Design Festival – now it is applying for several design awards. It’s under protection of industrial design rights in Europe and is ready for being showed. In Hungary paq chair has been having a great success in the media, to see all online press release please visit paq chair’s media site: http://www.paqchair.com/pressroom/.

For further information on paq chair please see this video of „how it works”: http://www.paqchair.com/how-it-works/

For your information please visit its website www.paqchair.com or please get in contact with me in order to receive pictures and furhter information for press.

Kind regards,