Parabolic by Silverlining

Parabolic, 2011
Edition of 8
130 x 50 x 92 cm
Cedar, Damascus steel hinges, laminated composite core

Parabolic is a particularly tactile piece that plays with human curiosity and draws people in, first with its inviting and intriguing curved shape and then revealing its unusual graduating texture that can only be explored by touch. The finish transitions from a completely smooth surface in the cut out – as if the surface has been worn out over a long period of time – to the expressive rough texture with the grain almost being carved at the bottom. On the outside, the cabinet appears solid and heavy, while the cabinet’s interior tells a different story. Using a combination of advanced composite construction and traditional cabinetmaking Silverlining has achieved a wall thickness of 12 mm, the minimum required to create the object, maintaining structural integrity and durability. Sensual stimulation is continued as the inside is veneered in fragrant cedar. The choice of materials was of particular importance for this piece. This sculptural cabinet demonstrates that it is possible to take concerns for the environment into account, while not compromising on the aesthetics. One of Silverlining’s core beliefs is that in the future the distinction between more or less precious materials will diminish and tropical hardwoods will not be the only acceptable option for luxury furniture. Behind all this lies the idea that it is the process of thought, design and crafting — rather than the material itself — that makes a piece of furniture unique.