My work is a reinvention of age-old glass techniques with the goal set for zero waste of resources and no harm to the environment. The design goal is always to make the work resonate with people, to make it relevant to their lives today. No ‘shock value’ relying on cleverness, but real lasting intrinsic beauty. I like to think of my work as Eco-luxe, and some press have referred to it a Rough-luxe. Below is a bit more information on me and the processes. Take care.

ECO FRIENDLY: The bowls are a reinvention of an age-old French technique called ‘pate de verre’ which dates back to the turn of the century most notably during the Art Nouveau movement by Jean Daum. I changed the process to be more environmentally friendly, no additives to burn-off, no ‘binders’ like gum arabic or strange horse glues – yuck!. And I have also reduced the cook time from many hours down to only a few minutes thereby saving loads of electricity. I use no water in the process either. My interpretation produces vessels with a granular sparkle and a very organic shape. No two bowls are exactly alike but they do go together lovely without matching. All bowls are hand formed from finely crushed pure glass and come in a variety of colors and styles.