The PATTAB light, or rather the PAT(tern) TAB(le) Lamp will enlighten your home, retail or workspace with it’s sleek modern aesthetic. We have these available in four different patterns, each measuring 15-1/2″H x 7.5″W x 7.5″D. The lamps are also featured in both black and white acrylic, and soon to be made in wood. It comes with an LED bulb + remote that controls its settings, and gives you the opportunity to set your own custom patterns and colors, 2 million and counting. It’s a great product that casts intricate surface light, that is suited for many types of applications. The lamp even features cut outs on its feet, which allow it to be turned upside down, with our engineered interior allowing this, and hung as a modern chandelier with rope or chain. This is a detail we have not seen elsewhere and are excited to introduce into our line.