Pearl light”, is a lamp in the shape of a jewelry box. The light-bulb symbolizes a pearl, and depending on how much light you want, you can choose to open the lid more or less. The lamp was developed for a private interior design project in Stockholm, Sweden.

In a jewelrybox you expects to find something precious: a ring, a pearl, or perhaps the knowledge that someone loves you. Storing light in such a box becomes a conceptual idea that underlines the fact that light is very important to us. The brightness of the lamp is easily adjusted depending on how much you open the lid. The lamp is automatically lit when the box ix opened, and turned off when it is closed.

During an interior design project for a private home in Stockholm, the lamp was developed when working with light that in different ways focused to create various moods. Since light is so important to us, we need to keep it in a way that reflects its importance. This thought gave birth to the idea of storing the light in a box that can be opened to let light out to those who are important to you.