Peddig bowls

The bowls are a part of the exhibition ; OnTime by Klubben ((Norwegian Designers Union), http://klbbn.no

Brief & Concept of exhibition
Time. Place. Space.
We divide the hours. The days. The weeks. The years. Mark the time using numbers, letters and decimals. Mark anniversaries. Without time, we are nothing, but time is also nothing; time is simply what we choose to fill it with, or not to fill it with.
The designers were each given a moment, a specific hour and minute, and were asked to design a product as an interpretation of this moment in time. The moments spread out through 24 hours and include both night and day time.

Mine was 14:12:
Getting a fixed time of the day inspired me. Like a photo that captures a moment forever, my time stopped at 14:12. I wanted to create something classic and “timeless”, which made choice of material important. There is a strong narrative of wear and tear, like a patina developing over time. I drew inspiration from history; The first furniture made in Sunnmøre, Norway, where I grew up, were made in rattan. The weaved rattan and pine bowl tells in many ways a story of my heritage, and the combination with a neon band creates a contemporary look.