The product concept is the simplicity and functionality combined with repose.
Its shape in “clothes peg” gives the perception of a flexible object and almost
suspended that provides the desired comfort. The simplicity is result of its structure
which is constituted in tubular steel and then it is curved, giving it its final shape.
The tubular steel will give strength and flexibility to support the weight of the user.
The essence of the piece is in its metal frame, the tissue used is in a neutral color for
not to divert the attention of the product concept.
The storage of mechanical energy caused by “clothes peg”, accentuating virtues
of this piece as: tranquility, balance and repose.
Puesto que la esencia de esta
pieza se encuentra en su estructura de metal, se optó por un color suave y neutro, para no desviar la atención de su concepto. almacenamiento
energía mecánica causada por la “primavera” nos lleva a las virtudes de esta pieza: la tranquilidad, el equilibrio y la relajación.