Tieme Rietveld® and Codex Inferno® strike again
Perceptor is a unique, handmade and hand-sprayed cabinet. The result of a collaboration between interior design studio Tieme Rietveld® and epic image makers Codex inferno®. A perfect combination of interior design and modern art. Inspired by the Allspark, a design of Tieme Rietveld® and the graphic styles of Codex inferno®.
The playful lines of the Percepter cabinet are complimented by surrealist graphics that make the boundary between what is real and what is painted blur. A true art object with a practical function.
This exclusive, handmade, hand-sprayed, one-off is for sale for € 7999, -. Firstcome, first served. Material; MDF
Tieme Rietveld®
Tieme Rietveld® is an interior design studio specializing in contemporary and inspiring interior. We develop products that can be found at leading interior and home furnishing stores and are specialised in complete interior solutions. Tieme Rietveld® works for individuals, architects and businesses.
Codex Inferno®
Muralists and epic image makers that combine (spray) painting styles like realism, cubism, abstract and surrealism to create their own. Upcoming talented artists with a 21st century approach. Analogue or digital, on canvas or in your office. Codex Inferno® works for individuals, architects and businesses.
www.tiemerietveld.nl https://twitter.com/tiemerietveld https://www.facebook.com/rietveldinteriors
www.codexinferno.com http://twitter.com/codexinferno https://www.facebook.com/codexinferno