Perfumery Tools is a research on the world of perfumery which output is a kit of products that fit in the buying process of a perfume. The area of investigation has focused on the world of artistic perfumery, also called ‘’niche’’. The analysis has also been supported by interviews and tests directed to customers, retailers and companies, which have allowed to better understand the dynamics and the critical points in commercializing and selling this kind of product. Each tool provides not only support to sales, but also a different experience which can strengthen the image of a brand or a store. The different nature of the products, not only aesthetically but also functional, allows to customize the products with the image of the brand in a consistent manner.

Le Petit Orgue
Understanding the wishes of a customer is never easy. Le petit orgue allows the shop assistant to let the customer smell some commonly used essential oils to better understand which kind of perfumes he or she would like the best. The essential oils, diluted with perfumery alcohol, go up the glass capillary and slightly wet the cotton top. The simple lines want to show the initial stage of the creation of a perfume.

Les Plis
The mouillettes on the market are usually simple strips of paper. Les plis introducesimple bends and cuts which allow a functional new shape of the product. By holding les plis, in fact, they take shape and the concavity allows to better experience the perfume. Les plis are made with 100% cotton paper.

Les Cloches
Les cloches have been designed has a possible brand signature. The concavity inside the glass hosts a silk square previously sprayed with perfume. The customer is able to begin the discovery with autonomy by holding the top of les cloches. The perfume is desaturated from alcohol and it is possible to smell its entire body. The base, the silk square and even the glass can be customized in order to better communicate the essence of the brand.

It is always curious to know what the others will smell the perfume you are wearing.: l’hélice have been designed to do so. The perfume molecules in motion sollecitates the olfactory system enhancing the experience. The original propeller of the portable fan was replaced with a designed 100% cotton paper propeller.

Le Flaire
Smelling the evolution of the perfume on the skin is an important step in the evaluation for a future personal satisfaction. Le flare is not only a poetic tool made in ceramic, for a warm touch, but a functional product. The shape has been designed with ergonomic lines for a good grip and gentle touch on the skin.