Phlite on a beautiful old EmiK film Camera
Phlite on a brand new, retro-styled Nikon Df
Phlite on a solid wood German-made Berlebach tripod
Phlite on a carbon fibre '3 Legged Thing' 'Brian' tripod
Phlite with a 'DIY' custom shade on an old Zenith camera
Phlite as a table lamp on a partially collapsed "3 Legged Thing' tripod
Phlite on an aluminium tripod
Phlite as a bedside  lamp on an old Nikormat
Phlite is designed to sit flat on a surface to be just as stylish and useful when your gear is in use.

As photographers, we spend a ton of cash on beautifully engineered gear; steel and carbon fibre tripods, gorgeous cameras, industrial lightstands…. then for much of its life -when we’re not out shooting- we hide it away, unused and unseen.

Phlite transforms your camera gear – your tripod, your camera, your light stand – into beautiful floor lamps, table lamps and desk lamps.

Many of us own obsolete or vintage camera gear too – and Phlite gives all that great design a new role.

With Phlite, you can show off your camera gear. All the time!