looks like microorganisms under microscope.
photoink laminated
the whole set up with lamination machine, photoinks, lamination sheets.
putting photoink on the lamination sheet. Only 3 to 4 drops.
blocking it inside by laminating all the four sides of the sheet.
arranging it for the screen.
the interactive and colorful screen for the playhouse.
mixing of two colors can also give a different reflection and movement inside.
A clutch made up of a unit which looks perfect for a fashionable cocktail party.
Exhibited at my institute NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DESIGN, Ahmedabad, India.

I am a textile design student at NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DESIGN, AHMEDABAD, INDIA. I developed this technique during a course module conducted by Krishna Patel. Photo-ink laminated in plastic from all the sides. Photo-ink captured in the plastic keeps moving inside and makes it very live and dynamic. Every time it creates a new pattern and reminds of organisms under a microscope in a biology class. A very vivid and interactive surface which can be used anywhere. I have designed a clutch with a unit of it for cocktail parties. I have also tried a window screen for kids which can keep them engaged at playhouses.