Picaresque is the new project realized by Nigel Coates for the exhibition Kama. Sex and Design presented by Triennale Design Museum in Milan and curated by Silvana Annicchiarico. Nigel Coates’ Picaresque will explore the secret life of objects and furniture through an original interactive installation.
The exhibit has been realised as a freestanding triptych that cuts diagonally across the gallery space; giant frames locate three tableaux in which objects advance into a visual field that reaches towards the viewer. On one hand the installation contains nothing more than ordinary tables and chairs; on the other it constitutes a composition that sets up many axes of erotic charge as if in a multiple magnetic field. Taken a step further, visitors can use digital tablets to view a series of films by John Maybury, glimpse and alternate reality and see naked figures in each frame of the triptych. Unaware of our presence, we ‘spy’ on these people and their way of interacting with the objects.