Piccolo LED
Piccolo LED, Environmental
Etched Glass Base
Carrara Marble Base
Etched Glass Base, Detail
Carrara Marble Base, Detail
Piccolo compared to pencil
Touch Switch

Piccolo LED is a portable, small scaled LED task lamp that delivers superior quality lighting, designed with materials and details to fit beautifully into a home or office environment. A surprising feature of Piccolo is that it can be powered from any laptop computer (or universal charger) with a USB jack. As LEDs have become more efficient it is now possible to provide excellent levels of task lighting with only 2.5W of power.

 “Piccolo rethinks the task light by doing away with the power supply altogether, plugging into low voltage infrastructure widely available in the computer and cellular phone industries. This is now possible with efficient LEDs, and is the future of personal lighting.”

Great things do come in small packages. The body of Piccolo is less than ½” in diameter while Piccolo stands about 12” tall and has a reach of 13”. A touch switch in the end of the light allows Piccolo to be continuously dimmed to full off. A clever cord organizer allows excess cord to be gathered around the base, keeping the work space neat. Piccolo is expected to retail starting at US$239. Available as pre-order for $135 on Kickstarter