Greetings good people of MOCO LOCO!

Jason Estopinal of Poppy Tree Frames here – I wanted to share with you, and hopefully you in return share with your readers, all the picture frame goodness going on at Poppy Tree Frames. We are a small crew (4 strong) of lovers of the brilliance of the old world and the pervasive whimsical and artistic aesthetic of today.
At Poppy Tree Frames we heart families, friends, frames, and all things nostalgic and of the utmost importance. We fully understand that the best memories are ones that are captured, and our delight is framing those treasured snapshots in frames that are bold enough to make a real statement yet remain elegant so as to not distract from the subject. Like a father proud of his son, indeed we are proud of what we have begotten, namely our “Print Frames” and our most recent creation, the “Strata” frame. The “Print Frames” get us extra excited because of the mere fact that they are so lovely and full of character, and we know of nothing else like them in the world of commerce (thus, I introduce them to you!). As far as the other style I’d like to highlight to you – the Strata – oh goodness, I foresee these artisan frames gracing the walls of a home that steeps itself in timeless beauty and art. I have attached some photos of a few versions of them here (please feel free to let me know if you need them in a different size or format).
Offering 18 frames styles in 42 colors and 49 prints we are excited about what we are pouring ourselves into and would be absolutely thrilled if you would perhaps take note of our frames on MOCO LOCO. Perhaps we can bolster the possible coverage with a contest/giveaway (we can offer one of each of the aforementioned frames to two winners)? And in addition to the gratis goods we could also excite your readers with the announcement of our Grand Opening special that blesses customers with a free 4X6 with every order! In addition, every order over $100 will receive a free 5X7, every order over $200 will get a free 8×10 and every order over $300 will get a free 11X14.
Thank you for taking the time to peruse this and considering us for placement. I hope to hear from you soon.

Jason Estopinal

Post Script: If you would like to pick the brain of Dane Von Winkelman, Poppy Tree Frames proprietor and lead designer, do let me know and I would be happy to set you up in dialogue.