Elegant and iconic, pinch is a graceful cup and saucer set. Characterized by fluid curves each piece within this boxed set is meticulously hand-sculpted. Made of Imperial Porcelain its subtle curves and sweeping surfaces are enriched to a fine matte lustre.

Perfectly suited for contemporary living, pinch, is a delightful way to enjoy life?s finer moments.

This all started in Bahrain; I was exploring their anthropological museum with my friend Aziz, when I noticed these ancient oil lamps made of clay. They were simple and beautiful. I knew I wanted to create something that had the same power as those oil lamps from so long ago. They looked at once contemporary, and ancient. My goal was to make a gesture and process tangible and eternal.

pinch is the result.

The saucer was made to look simply like clay lifted, and the cup feels as though the pinch of your fingers gave it form. Though it seems simple, we went through over 2 years of clay mock-ups, 3D-prints, and materials samples, changing a millimeter here, removing material there, until finally balance was achieved. After a form language was determined, we worked tirelessly with Middle Kingdom Porcelain to perfect a “recipe” for a porcelain slip that would express the forms and curves of pinch with sensuality. Each piece takes more than a week to make, and is brought to life by the hands of skilled artisans who carefully craft each set.

Because the cup and saucer in themselves are contemporary, I felt the packaging had to be on par. We tried boxes; we tried tubes; we tried all the traditional methods and the seemed forced. What we settled on is a fusion of traditional presentation, with contemporary materials and techniques. Their interaction is innate: you lift the saucer, you pinch the cup.