The designer Haiyue Tao makes a batch of ceramic seasoning pot in the form of pine cone by copying the local wild pine cone in Thüringen of Germany and pouring with ceramic white-ware. Haiyue also conducts smoking for the cork at the bottom of the seasoning pot with pine cone oil, so that the condiment in the pot has a slight smell of pine cone. Owing to the differences in the hand-made craft, it is impossible to find two exactly the same pine cone seasoning pot.

She lived in Weimar, an ancient city in Germany. In the long winter in Germany, it was nearly covered by ice and snow for four to five months. She leaned on the window, recalling the yellow autumn and the pine cones that may drop out from time to time. Consequently, till the next autumn, she started to collect various pine cones dropped along the road, and picked those with moderate size and complete appearance for manufacturing.

At present, those seasoning posts with traces of autumn and fragnance can be placed in the pitchen, dining room or bathroom for holdng bath salt or bath spice.