The first movie that my parents ever took me to was “Dumbo” – a story about social prejudice and redemption. I cried, uncontrollably, when Dumbo’s mother was caged for protecting her baby from ridicule. After Dumbo is forced to leave his mother, he, along with his friend, Timothy Q. Mouse, stumble upon a bucket of water spiked with champagne. Through their hallucinations, Dumbo stumbles upon his hidden talent to fly and later is reunited with his mother. To say it lightly, I can relate.

This piece, made from painted plumbing pipes and fittings and cement, was commissioned as a coloring station where clients sip on champagne while they have their hair done. I like the integration of a highly masculine product (plumbing components) with the color pink — the most representative color of femininity.

Photo Credits to www.robertlowellphotography.com