Lou Corio Randall has created a bespoke range of benches and bike racks that are designed to be exciting and engaging as well as functional; a move away from the ordinary, often mundane archetypes that currently line our streets.

The central concept behind the Pipe Line project is that a single line can be used to create any number of objects, as if they are just a scribble on a page.

Each individual object seems connected to one another as though it is all made from one continuous line running through the city, emerging from the ground and twisting into useful forms wherever it is needed before re-entering the ground.

London is renowned for its design culture and innovation. It is also blighted by a plethora of poorly designed street furniture. Tube Line addresses this through a single concept that can be applied to a wide range of items. For CDW Lou Corio Randall has responded to the need for bicycle storage and places to rest by creating bike racks and benches from the snaking Pipe Line, bringing a sense of fun to the urban environment and reflecting the design culture that saturates the city.

The project is a development of a project initiated during his Product and Furniture Design BA at Kingston School of Art which he completed last year.

The new designs will be on display around Clerkenwell as part of the upcoming Clerkenwell Design Week, taking place between the 22nd – 24th May.