The Red Dot Award Winning Pitzo
The Plastic Pitzo
Pitzo Sketch

With the kitchen established as the social hub of the home, why not make modern kitchen gadgets that induce a little design envy among guests. That’s exactly the thought behind Trident Design, LLC and their latest invention brought to market – the Pitzo pizza cutter.

For decades, traditional pizza cutters have used long lever handles putting the user at a disadvantage when it comes to simple physics. And now, what was once limited to high concept motorcycles and science fiction sagas like TRON, the hubless wheel design has been perfected and headed straight for the kitchen. The hubless design incorporated into the patent pending, red dot award-winning Pitzo allows the user’s hand to rest directly above the circular blade that rotates freely through the handle. This innovative hand position and ergonomic grip allow the user to distribute pressure more evenly, making for simple, clean cuts with effortless speed.