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Pivot Table by Blasius Osko, Oliver Deichmann

A number of functional details turn the folding table PIVOT into an everyday product par excellence – it is unobtrusive, easy to handle, and once you’ve come to know its advantages, it is simply indispensable. “Pivot’s design is visually low-key, yet highly functional; a typical Brunner product”, says Dr. Marc Brunner. Even though it may seem visually simple, it has its great appearance in event and restaurant areas: the table top can be folded up, saving space, it is easy to move and just as easy to lock in place. Berlin design studio osko+deichmann have developed innovative detail solutions together with Brunner in order to provide this product with a maximum level of user-friendliness.

1. Effortless transport and arrangement

Setting up tables for a conference or an event can be a pain and takes a lot of effort and time. PIVOT makes handling heavy furniture as easy as rolling your cabin luggage though the airport.

The innovation lies in the discreetly integrated horizontal caster wheels, which not only serve as transport rolls, but also as floor glides. When in use the table stands firmly on its four legs, although tilting it slightly will suffice to move it effortlessly on its wheels.

2. Flat storage and great handling

Saving storage space and handling time is key for restaurants and event locations, therefore we made sure PIVOT would fold as small as possible while being very intuitive to use.

The sophisticated folding and locking mechanism can be operated with a single lever. After unlocking and placing the table top in a vertical position, the lever is used to bring the legs together. PIVOT is then ready to be stored in a space-saving manner until the next event, when it can be deployed again.

Photo credit: Michael Tewes Art direction: osko+deichmann

Pivot open and closed position


Storage position

Very robust when in use

Location view

Storage trolley


Tilt and roll

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