House Level 7, iPad
House Level 6, iPad
Map by day, iPad
Map by night, iPad
PixelMogul Intro, iPad
House with open panel, iPad
PixelMogul at iPhone

Dear mocoloco

We know that games are not a core subject of mocoloco. But we think it might interest your readers, because it has a lot of design in PixelMogul. PixelMogul is all about real estate, interior, tenants, pets and robots.

The player for example, who takes the role of a landlord, can furnish his apartments with inexpensive to stylish designer interiors. We’ve created 450 different interiors for 9 building types. This is just one example of many elaborately designed details of PixelMogul.

We hope to have aroused your curiosity. For the press release, information about the game, a gameplay trailer and more images, please refer to our press kit (s. link below).

Don’t hesitate to contact me for further information.

Best regards,
Ala Ramildi

Press kit:

App Store (free download, offers In-App Purchases, voucher on request):

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