Single White Oak Plant Pod - Angle
Single White Oak Plant Pod - Front
Set Of three White Oak Plant Pods
From Sketches To Final Product
Single American Walnut Plant Pod - Angle
Single American Walnut Plant Pod - Front

The Plant Pod’s organic wooden form combined with the living plants that occupy it bring the perfect touch of nature to any space.

The Plant Pods were crafted by Domenic Fiorello, a furniture maker & owner of his own independent furniture design studio.

The Design of the Plant Pod seeks to pay tribute to Mid-Century Modernism and Scandinavian design, but at the same time is very unique and inventive, and truly expresses Domenic’s distinct style. The creation of the product incorporates traditional craftsmanship with modern production technologies and techniques.

Domenic believes that refined beautiful design should be available to more people. That’s why he launched a Kickstarter campaign: http://goo.gl/EOmwnK It will help bring Plant Pods to higher production, making them available to everyone for half of their original retail price, while maintaining their very high quality.