elican can be used for the majority of plastic bags with handles including: die cut plastic bags, loop handle bags, T-shirt bags and drawstring bags.
Convenient, light and always clean (thanks to our throw-away trash bags), Pelican will become a fixture in your home. Trash bins and buckets are a relic of the past
Only a throw-away trash bag and a minimalistic holder

In 1950 the Canadian inventor, Harry Wasylyk, made the first plastic trash bag.
Since then the plastic bag has become an ideal throw-away trash bag.
Times have changed….
Plastic bags are the perfect throw-away trash bags.
Dumpsters, trash cans and baskets are becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays they are being replaced by lightweight constructions that still keep plastic bags open.
Such constructions are hygienic, easy-to-use and allow one to use the whole bag.
The Pelican holder for plastic bags with handles is the latest breakthrough in the industry.
The Pelican holder is made from two identical metal ring-shaped frames connected by two poles with holders for plastic bags handles. An open plastic bag is stretched across the top frame, while the bottom frame rests on the ground.
Three pairs of small rings are at different heights and they keep the plastic bag handles in place.
The rings are all at different heights, allowing to hold almost any size bags in the air.